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Welcome to New BohemiaWelcome to New Bohemia

The San Francisco Bay Area goes it on its own. Progressive plenty – or the “superclass” spoiling for neo-serfdom?

Behind the Steam at The GeysersBig Oil is Big Green

Who’s calling the shots at the world’s most productive electricity-generating geothermal field?

CostcoWe are Family?

Does Costco employ a lesser-paid no-bennies shadow work force?

Annie SprinkleSexology 101

Pondering pornography, Annie Sprinkle and the meaning of life.

Talk Shop Talk Shop

LifeRing’s secular challenge to AA’s “spiritually-based” rigidity.

Down the 9/11 Rabbit HoleDown the 9/11 Rabbit Hole

It’s harder than spotting a white rabbit.

Jubilee! It's BankruptcyJubilee! It’s Bankruptcy

One man’s travels through a fate worse than debt.

Mainstream vs. Main StreetMainstream vs. Main Street

Where corporate media went to die.

Dems & the Wimp Gene Dems & the Wimp Gene

Decorum, while admirable, counts for nothing against a gilded cult of space-age, lizard-brain barbarians.

Corncobs with nostrilsCorncobs with Nostrils

Author Claire Hope Cummings outlines how what we eat may have us in it.

Death Becomes Them/Agoston's GhostDeath Becomes Them—Agoston’s Grinning Ghost

“None bore witness, and no trace of him has ever been found.”

God's CommuneGod’s Commune

“…a tall, frizzy-bearded bohemian dreamer “with a nose like a Babylonian patriarch…”

Playing the hand dealtPlaying the Hand Dealt

In praise of ballot-box shock and awe.

Listening to AmericaListening to America

It’s Barack Obama’s way of soliciting the essential “what is” from voters…

Nickel & Dimed/Wage Slaves in Paradise 1.23.08Nickel & Dimed/Wage Slaves in Paradise
Going broke and homeless in the neo-feudal North Bay is easier than you might think.

Revenge of the RushpublicansRevenge of the Rushpublicans

Dateline: Washington, D.C. June 10, 2013:
White House Press Secretary Ann Coulter looks stunning in sleeveless turtleneck business attire.

162px-Change_We_Can_Believe_In.svgAre We Change Yet?

Barrack Obama & the Post-Stupid UniverseBarack Obama & the Post-Stupid Universe

…with W. gone there’ll be no brain vacuum to be filled in the White House.

Fictional FunFictional Fun

The Trust Fund Triathlon is an especially popular Marin County event. First, select lucky spermers pit Beemers, Jags and Ferraris in the Daimler Demolition Derby. Then they…

800px-American_Flag_F-117_NighthawksDepartment of Defense wants us?

In fact, we’re a lot like KBR. If we don’t know how to do something, we’re still happy to charge big bucks and say we do.

Houses & GrapesHouses and Grapes

Sure, it sounds crazy. Anti-development Republicans?

Arnie says it's high timeArnie says it’s high time

Fifty-six percent of California voters now favor the legalization and taxation of marijuana.

Wild TripWild Trip

The inscrutable Stewart Brand, this world’s oracle enigma . . . lives on a tugboat in Sausalito?

Pins and NeedlesPins and Needles

It wouldn’t be Holy Week in Chihuahua without the tacos—Tarahumara butterfly pupae tacos—slathered in special seasonal sauce, to be exact.

War news that never was news 05.28.08War News that never was News

The entire corporate broadcast news industry stands guilty of propagandizing We, the People of the United States of America.

Butlers for Billionaires 03.05.08Notes from the Recession

Celeb Staff magazine knows you’ll never be a billionaire, so the pub glamorizes and promotes working for one, instead.

Tortous Geometry 11.21.07Torturous Geometry

Snapshots from a life self-pinned under the triangle of justice.

Bohemia's timeless harvest 11.05.08Bohemia’s Timeless Harvest

Imagining a timeless meal through the ages with the eminent food writer Mary Francis Kennedy (M. F. K.) Fisher.

No Body Left Behind 02.11.09No Body Left Behind

President Harry Truman first proposed national health insurance back in 1948. He made the single-payer system a centerpiece of his “Fair Deal.”

Where are the Unions? Grapes and Class Warfare 4.29.09Where are the Unions? Grapes & Class Warfare

Highly skilled vineyard labor continues to go underrepresented.

the Valley RevisitedNapa Valley Revisioned

Bricks & Mortar—Napa’s latest Vintage?

Freedom of Hate Speech 3.26.08Freedom of Hate Speech

Marin student’s Supreme Court victory reminds that even an unpopular opinion is protected by the First Amendment

George Carlin @ Potato Palace 03.01.08George Carlin Live at the Potato Palace

Now that he’s attained the septuagenarian rank of “old fuck,” and like old fucks since humanity’s rude beginnings, will next become a dead fuck, it’s pardonable to take the long view of a George Carlin show and cite a few precedents.

Devil-Sown Homes 3.19.08“Devil-Sown Houses”

Proposed ‘eco-village’ could pop the peace in Angwin’s bubble.

The Raw & the Clothed 05.07.08The Raw & the Clothed

When the T-shirt is the medium, we are the message.

Yummy Maggot Cheese 06.18.08Yummy Maggot Cheese

Sardinia’s version is called formaggio marcio, meaning “rotten cheese,” or casu marzu, “maggot cheese.”

Grave Dancer Boogie 05.21.08Grave Dancer Boogie

When a billionaire calling himself “the Grave Dancer” pumps fifty grand into a California state proposition, you’ve gotta ask yourself, just whose grave is he planning to dance on next?

Why Go Elsewhere to be Cheated?Why Go Elsewhere to be Cheated?

“What’s with me? Well, I’ll tell ya, son. Someday they’re gonna write a book about me. Picture this—2,700 pages long. Four feet high. But no covers. Ya wanna know why? Cuz I got nuttin’ ta hide.”

I Got Mine/Capitalism on the Half Shell 12.03.08I Got Mine

Pete Bingo slurps down capitalism—on the half-shell.

Saints and SinnersSaints & Spells

Saint Benedict and the Addictive Chemistry of Love: a how-to kit for mad weasels.

The GeysersFull Steam Ahead

The Geysers, located in northeastern Sonoma County and extending up into southern Lake County, is far and away the world’s most productive geothermal energy field.

Miwok bark homeDreams of Home

According to the California Building Industry Association, California has the least affordable housing in the nation. Just how do we finance, build and provide housing for an ever-growing workforce?


p. joseph potocki bio

I’ve been paid to:

lecture, caddy, mop floors, slice meat, sell liquor and night watch; write news, reviews, feature articles, investigative reports, profiles, promo materials, scripts, serial novels and short stories; count parts, move rocks and build espresso drinks; edit film, slides, audiotape and video; dig ditches, landscape and promote business; drive limos, vans, town cars, trucks & buses; rock n roll, tend koi, graft trees, sell shoes and pillows; archive films, load & schlep hay, paint homes and wash windows; guide tours, plant, pick and and haul produce; produce, direct and write for film and for video; bartend, book literary talent, wait tables and work wood; keep shop, manage a restaurant, install glass and central air units, run a non-profit, hoe strawberries and make flutes; write, produce and direct multi-media productions; entertain seniors and sell magazines and newspapers; edit a Russian documentary, blow holes through hills and rock, cook for the homeless, clean die cast machinery and work three factory production lines; create, develop and implement social programs; bend tubing, install fiberglass insulation, write grants, deliver deli delights, manage studio productions, raise political funds and break down engine blocks.


1) SF Bay Timeless is a cross-media community collaboration focusing on the San Francisco Bay Area of today, yesteryear and tomorrow. We pledge to spin the unvarnished truth, whether truthful or not.

2) SF Bay Timeless is to the serial novel Bay Time Detective what peanut butter is to jelly. Bay Time Detective's never ending saga spreads throughout our Timeless universe in a similarly sticky fashion.

3) Irreverent, audacious and life-loving young talent, funny old cynical farts and disillusioned 'tweeners are all encouraged to join us. Writers, an SEO, techs, podcasters, monetization innovators, editors, websters, artists, photogs, vloggers, programmers and singers of sentimental ballads (did we leave anyone out?)—hell, we want to work with you. Let's do virtual lunch!


SF Bay Timeless Certificate of Excellence

Burdick Vineyard Tours Sommelier and slide guitar master John Burdick's unmatched private custom tours are limited to ultra premium cult, boutique and small family wineries. They've been a delight for a decade now. For the endless good things he bestows on whomsoever rides with him we award Burdick Vineyard Tours our first ever Bay Area Certificate of Excellence.

Timeless TV’s Pingree Report

February 2011

"Twisting Facts Sideways—700 days a year"
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SAN FRANCISCO — Nob Hill hotels folding their cards amidst economic malaise

THE GEYSERS — Yet another earthquake

SAN FRANCISCO — Sisters Of Perpetual Indulgence give female condoms to gay men, enraging ultra-gay cross-dressing Papacy

WASHINGTON — Clarence Thomas won't respond to allegations he's a bought and paid for corporate toady

SAN MATEO — Klepto cat caught cruisin'

BERKELEY — City Council votes to welcome wronged Gitmo inmates; John Yoo expected to gift each with a personalized water board

SAN FRANCISCO — Same Sex couples make Valentine's Day — Right to Marry Day

GLEN ELLEN — Here's why a glen named for Ellen gained renown

SAN FRANCISCO — Archeological Earthquake — "Automatic Human Jukebox" Grimes Poznikov's fountain pen discovered at flea market

SILICON VALLEY — High tech execs jet lagged, brain dead &/or narcoleptic; manage making millions, no matter

SONOMA COUNTY — Hippie icon Lou Gottlieb's Morningstar Ranch on sales block. Son says sacred site status quo unsustainable

SAN FRANCISCO — SFMOMA showcases famed photog & isolated eccentric, Murdering Eadweard Muybridge — Helios, the "Father of Cinema"

OAKLAND — What's new? Feds want pot "farms" gone, haven't a clue of prohibition history

SAN FRANCISCO — Beyond Chron beats up Bay Guardian; progressives punch & pummel

PEBBLE BEACH — Noogies galore! D.A. charges Bill Murray to pro-am victory.

SAN FRANCISCO — SF shames LA in American Idol search

SILICON VALLEY — Wael Ghonim gives Google gigabuck goosebumps' grab for green

VALLEJO — "We're #2!" — Vallejo, Big time "dying city" and "most miserable to live in" community embraces national recognition

SAN FRANCISCO — Candlestick's newly unearthed 130 year old scows deemed too costly to save

NAPA — Newly revived Napa city shakes off frumpy past

SAN FRANCISCO — SF Beer Week—dedicated drunks drink bodacious beers

CONCORD — Round Table seeks square deal in bankruptcy proceedings

NAPA — Napa Pipe — can you say Getty?

SAN FRANCISCO — Mayor Ed Lee gets stuff done now that Gavin's gone

SILICON VALLEY — MegaRich-Meg promises she'll cut her taxes in half and have the middle and lower classes make up the shortfall

NAPA — Curtains for Cabernet? European grapevine moth invades Wine Country

SAN FRANCISCO — Bay Bridge 15 months behind because U.S. no longer smelts or drafts

BERKELEY — Where did free higher education go? UC Regents wants private school fees larded on debt-burdened grads

SILICON VALLEY — Whitman ignores press at "open press" stop

SACRAMENTO — Anti-gay Republican State Senator caught drunk driving with male companion after leaving gay bar

CUPERTINO — Jobs says stockholders don't want to know what environmental damage Apple is doing

BEVERLY HILLS — And we thought Carrie Prejean was nuts. "Miss Beverly Hills" says murdering gays and lesbians is mandated by her Bible

NAPA — America's first wind powered ferry to take wing on the San Francisco Bay

SAN FRANCISCO — Right wing talk show shill gets the corporate boot , runs to "ultra-left" union for help

SONOMA COUNTY — Why the Bohemian Club's mega-wealthy members' plan to cut old growth redwoods is a really bad thing

SAN FRANCISCO — Yoo boo-hoos critics who claim his green-lighting torture constitutes high crimes

U.S.A. — Class Warfare! Top 400 households make a MILLION BUCKS DAILY, but their tax rates drop below six-figure wage earners

SILICON VALLEY — Larry Ellison drops $400 million into winning the America's Cup — a mere 1/67th of his personal worth.

SAN MATEO — Too few boo Yoo at Rotary Club confab

SAN FRANCISCO — Google's Buzz launch doing evil

SACRAMENTO — Anthem Blue Cross gauges policy holders another 39% — proving massive insurance rate hikes, not reform, the only rational route to riches

BERKELEY — U.S. Justice Department backpedals on John Yoo's torture memos. A little torture good for everyone?

CALIFORNIA — Democracy in action? Top ten Californians ponied up more than a quarter billion dollars to have their say

WASHINGTON — Obama doesn't begrudge banksters destroying the U.S. economy, then walking away with millions. "That is part of the free market system."

NEW MEXICO — State House tells banksters to shove-it. $2-5 billion to go into local banks & credit unions

MILL VALLEY — Conservative Groupa-Polooza to be "Largest Gathering of Conservatives in the Bay Area." Four hour tea party expected to attract all four Mill Valley conservatives.

SAN FRANCISCO — Postcard Row house a $4 million steal?

CALIFORNIA — Budget hawk & gubernatorial hopeful Meg Whitman spending like drunken sailor

SF BAY AREA — Clean green sliced in half, but Bay Area still leads investments

SILICON VALLEY — Next American Economy "stakeholders" laud replacing union of 50 states with New Bohemia

WALL STREET — Bailed-out billionaire banksters dump Obama & Dems for suggesting financial reform. Repugs to wallow in Wall Street's filthy lucre

WALNUT GROVE — Hash house huddle at high noon — one hundred gunslingers howling to pack loaded heat

CALIFORNIA — Will faulty finding knock California High Speed Rail off the tracks?

SF BAY AREA — Old wine rebottled? Comcast limits broadband use, calls de-enhanced service XFINITY

WASHINGTON — Foiled Xmas terrorist plot - or foiled right-wing coup? State Department tells House Committee on Homeland Security that U.S. Intelligence interceded to prevent revocation of bomber's visa.

SILICON VALLEY — Does Steve Jobs require endless war for Apple to survive?

NORTH BAY — SMART ain't BART says Met Transpo Commission. $155 million shortfall could screw Sonoma

MOUNTAIN VIEW — iPad rockets beyond cuneiform tablets, papyrus, town criers and wood pulp into new digital universe of journalism...or, a mere temporal trinket?

HARRIS POLL — News-less newspapers continue to lose readers


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